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Andorra. Ski resorts.

Andorra. Ski resorts.
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The small principality of Andorra receives most of its income from ski tourism. The authorities understand this dependence and constantly finance the industry. This is manifested in the development of infrastructure and the updating of the equipment of the service route.

With a good service, vacation in the Andorran mountains is more budgetary than Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy. And these countries are leaders in this industry of tourism. Another plus of active recreation here is the availability of a large number of quality trails.

An important component of recreation in Andorra is the compact location of resorts and duty-free shopping. The first circumstance is explained by the small territory of the principality, with a large number of mountains. The confirmation of these words is the fact that there are 65 mountain peaks in Andorra with a height exceeding 2500 meters above sea level.

Andorra. Ski resorts.

The second pleasant moment for tourists who come here is duty-free trade. Due to this circumstance, in the capital of the Principality of Andorra la Vela, there are stores with world brands for clothing, footwear, cosmetics and so on.

The shops here are so nice that many vacationers here compare the capital of the principality with a large supermarket. However, this is a normal phenomenon in a place where more than two and a half million people come to rest for a year.

Andorra. Ski resorts.

Ski resorts.

The ski areas of Andorra are divided into two parts. The eastern one is called Grandvalira, and the western one is called Vallnord. Gran Valira includes such resorts as Soldeu, El Tarter, Canillo, Pas De La Casa and Grau Rozh. At these mountain resorts are laid 108 trails of varying complexity and 63 lifts. Height, skiing areas, varies from 2,600 to 1,700 meters above sea level.

The area of ski resorts united by the name Val Nord includes Pal, Arinsal, La Massana, Ordino and Arkalis. To date, La Massana with the central part of Andorra connected the Pont Pla tunnel with a length of 1.2 km. This construction has reduced the time of arrival to the nearest resort from the capital to ten minutes.

Andorra. Ski resorts.


The main unifying center of the Grandvalira zone is the town of Encamp. This mountain village is located at an altitude of 1260 meters and does not have ski slopes on its outskirts. But it is the best place to accommodate those who came here to ski.

A free ski bus runs around Encamp, bringing everyone up to the gondola lift. With its help, you can get in fifteen minutes to the skiing area of the resorts of Pas de la Casa and Grau Rozh.

Andorra. Ski resorts.

Also good are things in Encamp and with relaxing institutions. There are enough places where you can sit with a glass of good wine and a fragrant juicy piece of meat.

According to the number of bars, restaurants and discotheques, the city can compete with the capital of the principality. There are also places in Enkamp where you can support your athletic form.

One of these places is the Encamp Multisports Center sports complex. It has an indoor pool, two tennis courts, sports grounds for playing basketball, football and volleyball. Also there are gym, billiard and gymnasium. There are also saunas, ping-pong tables and a dance hall. An interesting place in Encamp is also considered its museum of cars.

Andorra. Ski resorts.

Encamp is a 7-minute drive from Andorra la Vella. The best hotels in Encamp, according to the latest reviews, include the following: Apartaments Del Meligar, Hotel Mila, Hotel Univers (possible transfer to / from the airport), Aparthotel Shusski, La Solana Apartaments & Spa (possible airport transfer service).


Andorra. Ski resorts.

Pas De La Casa - Grau Roig.

Now a few words about the resorts located on the most ski slopes. They are divided into Grandvalira conditionally into two zones. One includes Soldeu, El Tarter and Canillo, and secondly Pas De La Casa and Grau Rozh. The last two are often taken for one resort.

If you do not consider that they are in different valleys, then in terms of skiing it really is. Both resorts are united by a common system of lifts. Thus, we can say that they have common slopes.

If you dig a little history, you will find an interesting fact connected directly with Paz De La Casa. The fact is that this resort has two titles. Firstly, it is the first ski resort in Andorra. It was officially opened in 1957. And secondly, it is the most high-mountain resort of Andorra.

By the way, it is possible to enter it from France, on the border with which it is located. The ski slopes of Pas De La Casa - Grau Roig, are distinguished by a wide variety of ski slopes in complexity. Such a proposal is very popular among skiers with different technical backgrounds.

The total length of the trails in this area is more than one hundred kilometers. The lift to the starting positions is provided by 31 lifts. A large number of snow cannons is installed on all descents.

The latter circumstance ensures the presence of snow even in case of sharp warming. They love these places and snowboarders. Especially for them are equipped with roads for boardercross and halfpipe, there are fun parks. For experienced skiers there are high-speed descents.

The evening at Pas De La Casa also has something to do. In addition to mandatory restaurants, there are nightclubs, shops, a sports center and a snow park.

The alpine restaurants Llac de Pessons and Coll Blanc are very popular. They are very quality dishes. And thanks to the panoramic windows, a magnificent view of the Pyrenean mountains opens.

Andorra. Ski resorts.

I'll give a few figures about the resort's routes. So, the difference in heights for skiing in the resort is 590 meters (2050-2640 m). In total there are 55 trails. Of these, 8 are green, 11 are blue, 23 is red 13 is black. There are 20 rope tows and 11 chairlifts. Together, they can lift an hour for 47 thousand people.

The cost of a Super Ski Pass for five days of skiing is 175 euros per season. The coach for an hour of individual classes costs 35-45 euros. Pas De La Casa is the most popular resort of Andorra. Accordingly, the prices here are one and a half to two times higher than in other resorts. Perhaps because of this, there are no queues even in the peak season.


Andorra. Ski resorts.

Soldeu - El Tarter.

The ski resorts of Soldeu and El Tarter are the northern part of the Grandvalira ski area. They operate the same Super Ski Pass, as in Pas De La Casa and Grau Rozh.

The thing is that the skiing areas cover all the mountain slopes between the resorts. And with the help of lifts you can get to any slope of Grandvalira. Soldeu and El Tarter are in the administrative area of Canillo.

The town of Canillo does not have its own trails. But from it to the ski resorts you can get by using the cable car.

Summarizing the data for Soldeu and El Tarter, one can get the following picture. The number of green trails - 9, blue tracks - 21, red - 10, black - 11.


Their total length is 98 kilometers. The lift is assisted by 28 lifts. And for the presence of snow, more than 300 snow cannons are being watched. The difference in altitude is 850 meters.

El Tarter resort is mostly chosen by elderly couples and families with children, and Soldeu is mostly young. A network of restaurants and cafes is present not only on the resorts themselves, but also on the slopes. In Canillo is the ice center, where you can go skating and visit the night ice disco.


At the Gradvalira resorts, all lifts, except for the night trail in Pas De La Casa, operate until 4:45 pm. Funicamp, connecting the ski area with the city of Encamp until 5 pm.

Therefore, advice to all ski-aces to look at the time. As places for accommodation are suitable as the described resorts, and nearby Canillo, Encamp and Andorra la Vella. And the law of winter rest reads: the farther from the slopes, the cheaper hotels.


Andorra. Ski resorts.

How to get there.

A bus runs from Andorra la Vella to Grandvalira every half hour. To be more precise, the bus goes to Pas De La Casa. But on the way it passes through all the resorts of the designated skiing area.

In order they will be Encamp, Canillo, El Tarter, Soldeu, Grau Rozh, Paz De La Casa. The bus goes to the final destination for about an hour. In the season, especially on the weekend, you can get into traffic jams and accordingly the trip can drag on indefinitely.

If you do not settle in one of the resorts, then the most convenient option is a stop in Encamp or in Andorra la Vella. From the last to Encamp, 5 km, and already in it you can take the help of a funicular and get to the ski area. By the time it will be 15-20 minutes, depending on where you will go. In general, on the funikamp you can get to the ski area Pas De La Casa.

Andorra. Ski resorts.


The mountain region of Vallnord is younger than Granvalira. It combines the two resorts of Pal-Arinsal and Ordino-Arkalis. Both ski centers represent a combined ski area with a length of 90 kilometers.

But since the resorts are located territorially in different places, I'll try to talk about each separately and in more detail.

Andorra. Ski resorts.

Pal - Arinsal.

Pal-Arinsal represents the skiing areas of two towns in the same valley and surrounded by slopes of three mountain ranges. They have a combined ski area with a common gondola lift.

In this place, the largest among the ski resorts of Andorra, the height difference for skiing is 1010 meters. And if you express this number in figures denoting the height above sea level, you will get 1550-2560 meters.

The total length of the trails at the resort is 63 kilometers, and their number is 41. In terms of complexity, they are divided into 5 green, 16 blue, 16 red and 5 black.

The lift to the starting positions is carried out by thirty lifts, of which 16 are rope towers, 12 chairlifts and two telcabins. On the children's tracks there are four children's rope tows. In an hour this system can raise 31700 people.

Andorra. Ski resorts.

The peculiarity of the resort is the fact that you can stay in this place only in Arinsal, except for a few campsites scattered around the valley. It is in Arinsal that the infrastructure with hotels, restaurants and even its own discotheque popular in Andorra is created.

As for the village of Pal, it's an old town. All of its buildings can be counted as monuments of antiquity. Here there are restaurants, cafes and a large parking lot, which is used in all residents of the principality and the adjoining Spanish and French lands. Here also bring to learn to ride and Andorran schoolchildren, for whom this subject is taught in schools.

From Andorra la Vela to these places 5-6 kilometers. Get to Arinsal by bus will be about 20-30 minutes. Approximately the same is the interval of their movement.

The resort of Pal-Arinsal is popular in the summer. There is a large number of pedestrian and cycling routes. And for the last type of transport there is even a bike park.


Andorra. Ski resorts.


The second part of the Vallnord region is the combined Ordino-Arkalis ski area. This is the most modern resort of Andorra, which entered service in 1982. At its construction the most environmentally friendly projects were used.

The Andorans consider these places to be the most beautiful in the principality. The snow cover in these places is stable throughout the season. This is due to the location of the main ski slopes in the northern direction. The quality of snow, respectively, is also excellent.

Andorra. Ski resorts.

The total length of the routes of Ordino-Arkalis is 26 kilometers, and their number is 25. The difference in altitude is 700 meters from 1940 to 2640 meters. The complexity of the descents is divided into 6 green, 6 blue, 11 red and 2 black.

8 rope tows and 5 chairlifts are delivered to the start. In an hour the system raises up to 16.5 thousand people. Season skiing lasts from late December to April.

Andorra. Ski resorts.

Ordino-Arkalis is known not only for its natural snow, but also for the most beautiful mountains in Andorra. The main part of the trails is laid among the forests. On the top there are restaurants in which very tasty food is prepared. In addition to the ski component Ordino is famous for its museums.

In the St. George's Museum there is a collection of Orthodox icons from Russia, Bulgaria and Greece. In the museum of microminiatures the main exposition is the works of Ukrainian artist Nikolai Syadristy. These works of art are observed only in a microscope.

There is also an exposition of the most significant architectural miniatures of Andorra buildings. In addition, the streets of Ordino delight the eye with their medieval stone buildings.


You can get to Arkalis and Ordino by bus, which runs from Andorra la Vella every thirty minutes, from 7am to 21pm. The distance to Ordin is 11 kilometers, to Arcalis 24 kilometers. In a rented car, you must adhere to the CG-3 route.

Due to the low number of offers in this resort hotels, the best options for overnight stay are Andorra la Vella and La Massana. The latter is a transport fork for the division of lovers of mountain skiing into two streams: Ordino-Arkalis and Pal-Arinsal.

Ski buses run from La Massana in both directions. With ski-pass, you can get to the resorts for free. Ski-pass for 6 days costs 150-170 euros and operates throughout the Vallnord zone.


Andorra. Ski resorts.

Andorra la Vela.

The capital of the Principality of Andorra La Vella has the best opportunities to accommodate lovers of skis. And the prices here are also the best. Someone will find it uncomfortable to constantly get to the riding areas by means of transport. But the distances in the dwarf Andorra are so small that even the time to overcome them can not be considered inconvenience. But as they say, everyone chooses rest according to their abilities and desires.

Nevertheless, continuing the theme of the capital, I note that it is here that you can diversify your vacation as much as possible. So in Andorra la Vela is the largest in Southern Europe thermal complex Caldea.

It offers such types of wellness services as thermal baths, saunas, whirlpools, as well as various types of baths and massages. There are restaurants and shops in the complex. The ticket for an adult costs 30 euros, a three-day ticket is 80 euros. Visit time is up to three hours.

Andorra. Ski resorts.

How to get there.

In Andorra there are no trains or airplanes. Therefore, as the nearest airports you can use Barcelona (210 km) and Toulouse (196 km). From these cities, you can get to Andorra by bus or by car. In Barcelona and in the opposite direction to Andorra la Vela, six buses run daily. Three of them come to the airport.

The stop is 150 meters from the T-2 gate, near the three flags: EEC, Catalonia and Spain. The ticket costs 33 euros, and the journey takes 3 and a half hours. More detailed timetable can be found here.

From Toulouse and back for a day there are three buses. The timetable and tickets can be viewed here. Besides buses, there are options with individual transfers and hotel shuttles, if such a service is included in the cost of the hotel. When visiting Andorra by the group, the shuttle will be the most convenient, fast and possibly cheapest way to get to this mountainous country. Also popular is the car rental service, usually from Barcelona. For a day in the season it will cost from 35 euros, depending on the class of cars.

Andorra. Ski resorts.

The best hotels in Andorra la Vella are Hotel de l'Isard, Roc Blanc & Spa (with its wellness center and spa), Hotel Pyrénées (pool), Hotel Andorra Center (fitness center, pool), Tulip Inn Andorra Delfos, Golden Tulip Andorra Fenix (Spa and wellness center).


Andorra. Ski resorts.

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Table of contents.